why is life so difficult?

Ok so my mom is an alcoholic and I knew this but she has been fine for like the last 10 years, able to control it but recently we have found that she has started again and its tearing me apart I want to trust her when she says she’s not drinking and I did believe her but yesterday I had to take her to the er because of what I thought was complications of her new depression meds but was actually her mixing meds and drinking which I caught her doing this morning. Now yesterday and having to call an ambulance because my mother was fuzzy and lost had a hard time answering questions and walking was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. Now I’m 28 and I live at home with my mom and grandma and I love them both but I want to kill them about this. So after I found all the liquor my mom was hiding I went through her from and took everything and I locked up all the other liquor so we are good there. Then I called our doctor and told her it wasn’t med complications it was drinking. I feel so betrayed like I really believed when she said she wasn’t drinking usually if I press her she will relent. Ok so my grandma just got back tonight from a 4 day trip with other seniors which she said was hell because she spent the entire time worried about mom which is stupid because she didn’t even know mom was drinking. I mentor a girl every Thursday and I was with her when my mom calls and says she can’t go pick up grandma because she’s to afraid of how she will react and I get that my grandma is 89 and sometime so dramatic though she does not think she is. So I run to pick her up with the girl I mentor in the car and she asks why moms not there and I tell her and the first thing she says is it’s because of me I’m moving out, like omg really grandma and so I’m trying to calm her down while the girl I mentor e is chattering away she’s a sweetie but does not pick up emotions well and so I drop grandma off and she’s pissed and crying and moms at the door sad and crying and I have the girl in the car so I say you two need to figure this out I can’t keep being the go between you need to talk to each other and I have to leave because girl is in the car. So I spend my time with girl and get home and moms in bed and grandma is pissed and crying in chair and now she’s passive aggressively stomping around upstairs unpacking because that what she does and mom is asleep I think but I just don’t know what to do. Like mom spent all day crying at me and apologising and I keep trying to tell her we will work through this and I forgive her and she needs to realize it’s not about me it’s about herself because my mom is very selfless and she’s kinds and my rock so seeing her like this is killing me. Now I have adhd, anxiety, and some other stuff so I have always over depended on my mom, which I know, and am working on. But like usually I am the neurologically atypical one who can express emotions well and stuff and I have come a long way. Like I am mad but I know she is getting help, our dr is really nice and she’s going to therapy and now I’ve locked everything up so there is only moving forward. Like ya I was and am upset but I know she regrets it and so I am ready to look forward to fixing things but they both are so stuck in anger and guilt and I just can’t compute it like it makes not sense to me usually I am the one with messed up emotions it is weird being the emotionally mature one in this situation and I just can’t anymore so if any of you have any advice or something please let me know if not then thanks for listening to me bitch about my life.

edit: so mom woke up and apparently the only thing grandma said to her was you know you have a daughter to take care of! like fuck grandma what the hell? sometimes i want to slap her like you are literally killing her why are you doing this. i love both of them so much but jhdbfjhdsbvjhdsnjvnfdjnvjdf
seeing my mom cry is the worst thing, she never really cried she is so strong and it kills me each time but i also like shut down, I'm not always the best with others emotions and i just feel so awkward and unsure of what to do when she cries. i just cant and want to leave which makes me feel bad as well just errg!!!

my little brother

My dog, my little brother Teddy Bear died today he was 18 years old and would have been 19 on sept 26. I have had him since I was 7 and I barely remember what its like to live without him here. I already miss him so much, Teddy you were then best dog and the best little brother a girl could ever ask for, I miss you so fucking much.

spoilers for supernatural season 9!

spoilers for supernatural season 9!

just watched season 9 episode 9 :(
why did they have to get rid of Kevin, first charley is gone to oz for who knows how long and now Kevin's gone not to mention the horribleness that was getting rid of bobby!
why do I keep watching this show when all it does is make me love characters and then kill them?
poor Kevin


ok so I posted some prompts to ao3 and got lots of positive feedback before someone reported me and it got deleated, they sent me an email saying I could post prompts as part of a challenge so I created a challenge and posted my prompts again, the same person reported me AND NOW MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN BANNED! I thought I had done this correctly, I have read prompts there before and I don't understand why prompts are not considered fanish works! they are written to inspire people to write more fannish works and thus should count.
im just so shocked and upset I love ao3 and was not trying to do anything wrong, I even thought I fixed it, I don't understand what just happened


I had this idea last night for a superfamily spideypool story where deadpool is deaged and spidey insists that the avengers take him home to protect him (could be they are together or peter could just be being decent.) No one really wants to bring him because come on its Wilson can you imagine him, as a child it would be a nightmare, like Chihuahuas on crack! Only Wade is quiet and flinches at loud noises or people getting to near, definite signs of heavy abuse maybe he still has the boxes or hears voices or thinks he’s a worthless monster or whatever. Eventually the avengers begin to realize that deadpool’s psychosis go way deeper then weapon x and that he’s not the reprehensible maniac they all treat him as. Whether they realize how awful they treat him and change when Wade gets returned to normal is up to the author. For the spidypool angle, if not together then Peter should begin to realize how much he misses deadpool and how alike he and his child self are even though that was hard to see at first. If together Peter should be glad that finally everyone else is seeing in deadpool what he has always seen and loved about Wade.
Long prompt is long if anyone knows where I should post this to possibly get it filled please let me know.

melinda may is mulan

i was looking up the voice of mulan for a random reason and ok I don't watch agents of shield but MELINDA MAY is the voice of fucking MULAN that is awesome

also granger from ncis la is shaun yu the evil guy
this is soo informative I love it

omg and dr. huang (b d wong) from law and order svu was shang
and the gay brother frank from mrs doubtfire is yao
this is gold

how did I not know all this awesome information?


just found out Justin carmichel aka jewwarrio from channel awesome died last week. its really sad he seemed like a great guy. rest in peace Justin you were amazing

stiles the squrriel AKA THE STEREK STORYBOOK

sterek story book
page 1 sterek storybook
page 2 sterek storybook

ok so for my science class in teacher college I had to make a 4 page children's book about the seasons! ok so I totally made my characters a squirrel and a crow and what did I name them? Stiles the squirrel and Derek the crow (with red eyes). THEY CUDDLE AT THE END!

also I only realized later that I made stiles a red squirrel. I made him little red riding squirrel! FANDOM WHAT ARE U DOING WHY ARE U TAKING OVER MY MIND AND PERVERTING MY CHILDRENS BOOK!??!!!??SEND HELP